Murder Mysterious

The ultimate dinner party experience

Imagine hosting a dinner party

where all your needs as the host were met. That’s our core value behind Murder Mysterious. With a fully interactive murder mystery game, developed by an experienced writer with over thirteen years’ know-how of running murder mystery events, the entertainment is sure to wow your guests. And your job as host is made a whole lot easier, too. Available for immediate download after purchase, with many more details added to the pack, who knew hosting a dinner party could be so devilishly good?

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We know what it takes to run a successful event and what makes a good mystery. Now it’s yours to enjoy in your own home.



Coming together with friends is meant to be fun, and that’s what we promise our games to be.



Our games are adapted from our own acting scripts and are for a set amount of players, but we can easily tailor our games to suit your needs, such as adding extra characters or personalising them to your event. Contact us to find out more.


Extra value

We LOVE solving problems for hosts. Keep an eye out on our blog and social media for extra tips on enhancing your dinner party experience.

Our Games

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A selection of our best selling games


Murder in the Stars

A 1950’s Hollywood themed mystery. When a Hollywood legend falls victim to a poisoned apple, how will her closest companions react?

A Very Village Murder

A 1940’s war time themed mystery. A small English village in 1944 becomes the scene of Gerald’s death. But can this close-knit community escape the truth?

Disco Death

A 1970’s Disco mystery. DJ Legend Disco Eric has risen to stardom, but who did he trample on to get to the top and who was determined to bring hm down?

A Thoroughly Roaring Murder

A 1920’s mystery. In a world of flapper girls, jazz and suffragettes, what does it take to stand out from the rest?

Kaftans, Karma and a killing

A 1960’s Mystery. Living in a commune is all peace and love until someone decides it’s power they crave.

The case of The Wynchester Curse

A 1940’s Halloween Mystery. Witches and war on All-hallows Eve, beware of the curse or a death you’ll see.

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