A Thoroughly Roaring Murder


It’s 1923 and Simon Simmons is hosting a dinner party for his friends to celebrate the new cook book by domestic goddess Faye Fawkes. But when Simon is found dead in his study, the suspicion falls on his friends. Was Simon as good a person as he made out? In the age of Jazz, flappers and suffragettes-anything is possible!

Six Players


Faye Fawkes-Domestic Goddess

Beth Simmons-Suffragette and Simon’s sister

Anna Connder- Flapper girl and socialite

Colonel Cuthbert- Friend of Simon’s during the Great War

Maurice Moonshine- Jazz musician

Alistair Kratt- Socialite



Our fun Murder Mystery game pack includes:

A full interactive game for a designated number of people. This is in the form of ‘speeches’ to be read out by the characters/players during each round

Invitations for all characters/guests, including character backgrounds

Victim profile and introduction to the evening

Certificate for the winner

Three pieces of evidence for all to see

Whodunit Sheets for players to write their ideas on

Full instructions on how to play

Timeline for the host, so you can keep a track of the evening

‘Notes on Entertaining’- Ideas on how to easily host a dinner party


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