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A Thoroughly Roaring Murder


It’s 1923 and Simon Simmons is hosting a dinner party for his friends to celebrate the new cook book by domestic goddess Faye Fawkes. But when Simon is found dead in his study, the suspicion falls on his friends. Was Simon as good a person as he made out? In the age of Jazz, flappers and suffragettes-anything is possible!

Six Players


Faye Fawkes-Domestic Goddess

Beth Simmons-Suffragette and Simon’s sister

Anna Connder- Flapper girl and socialite

Colonel Cuthbert- Friend of Simon’s during the Great War

Maurice Moonshine- Jazz musician

Alistair Kratt- Socialite


A Very Village Murder



A small English village in 1944 becomes the scene of Gerald’s death. Not all on the Home Front is as quiet as it seems. How many secrets can one village hold?

Six Players


Jocasta Smythe: The school Headmistress

Maud Makepeace: Shop Keeper

Gracie Gregory: Secretary

Captain Branston: Home Guard

Matthew Lowe: Scientist

Lord Tate: Local Aristocrat


Murder in the Stars


1950’s Hollywood is full of scandal and secrets. But when acting legend Demelsa Pearl falls victim to a poisoned apple, how will her closest companions react?

Four Players


Matthew Morrow: Director and acting legend

Charlotte O’Stara: Hollywood sweetheart

Lucille Chapman: Gossip columnist

Kenny Kingston: Acting Agent to the Stars